There is a guy around the trading community who unfortunately destroyed all the fun and happiness around the trading scene. His name is TripKore (Aka Robert Zimmerman) from Boston, MA. This guy fucked up all the good moments and the real purpose of the trading community. He scammed thousands of people. Of course, he always try to prove he is right on his shit website (which nobody cares about), but when you have a forum with +10 people accusing him of bad trading, that does mean something, right? Of course, he tries to put me against people, because he is the real shit here. But I decided to write a summary of the real story to everyone who doesn't have anything better to do instead of taking care of their own life.

I became friends with a famous filmer from MN, who decided to sell me a bunch of his tapes after 7 years of convincing him. He does read this website so (Thanks for everything you did, Chris). Of course that caused a big jealous feeling by a lot of traders (mostly Tripkore, who really can't put his hands on this stuff, because we will never let it happen). Those tapes cost a bunch of money to the filmer to record, travel & etc. We have an agreement where I do help him to get rid of some other bands tapes to people interested and he is aware of every deal between this as everything goes to him. A few traders, including Mike (sjmike - Metallica collector), Garo (Sckofelg - LB collector), Monty (Soad/Mudvayne collector), Romain (Deftones collector) and a few other good friends obtained a bunch of tapes due to this project.

Unfortunately, as expected, the Slipknot collectors seems to be a toxic community. Some of the guys who I helped to obtain a few of the tapes (Like 50 tapes), resold them to some called "Sk Maniac"' guys, and after a big issue between themselves, when some of them tried to scam each other, one of those guys got mad and started to upload some tapes, while I had nothing to do with it. All I could do is control the situation because this was a problem between those SK collectors.

Anyway, between all this happening, I met a very nice guy called John, who used to film around Seattle. I can't give personal details, but he needed money for his personal life and sold me all his Ozzfest 2001 masters and told me to make some kinda of deal with them to recover my money. With all of his approval, I went to eBay and worked on it. That’s something I don't need to explain to anyone, because I know 99% of the current filmers do that, including the oldschool famous ones (NYBC) for example?

This guy I mentioned in the beginning, aka Robert, need to find some motivation in his life, maybe getting married again helps that? (I feel bad for his wife, of course). He was accused of selling his masters and also non masters, I can confirm that because he wanted 200 USD from me for his Kings of Chaos tape. The hardcore and oldschool community of filmers and collectors know his reputation and is aware of his bad trader/selling fame. But he needs to try to put the fault on to someone else. Actually he does need psychiatric help to solve his personal issues caused by some kind of trauma while a kid? That guy obtained the money of a few people, who decided to share costs for the whole collection of some guys, he sent 80% of the tapes and hoarded the rest. What does that sound like to you? When you pay/agree to something, you must receive it complete, no? So yes, TRIPKORE SCAMMED PEOPLE ON BRAD NOLAN DEAL.

GOOD people, those who are deserving and act like a real man or a woman, went to me and I helped obtain unreleased tapes that they couldn't do alone, that’s a fact. And the reason I did is, because I have met so many tapers over the years while I was looking for Linkin Park and randomly, some of them flmed bands I know my friends wanted.

Now I am retired because I have got a excellent job, great partners and I have like zero time for trading. This is a final text to everyone who really has nothing to do with their own lives and prefer to believe on this Boston guy, which 90% of the community doesn't like him. (I can prove that,I have thousands of msgs of people saying he is a piece of shit).

All the best and much love to those real men and girls who know how to respect others.

My advice to you, Tripkore is: get a life, a friend, a family, a job and have sex. Because it seems you have never had some. Everyone hates you. :)


Nothing here is available for any kind of deal. Do your own homework, effort and get shows by yourself.

- Felipe Mendes


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