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Linkin Park


Germany - Köln, NW

Version: VERY RARE
60.33 min
Unknown Equipment.
55,6 MB

01. With You
02. Runaway
03. Papercut
04. Points Of Authority
05. And One
06. Step Up
07. Crawling
08. Pushing Me Away
09. Forgotten
10. A Place For My Head
11. In The End Guitar Intro
12. My December
13. Joe Hahn Solo 'Blow Your Mind'
14. By Myself
15. One Step Closer (w/ Wes Scantlin)

This show remained very very rare and I do plan to keep it rare as it is.

This show was sold on eBay back the days and the sound is amazing. Probably it's some kinda of 'Liberated Bootlegs" and due language barrier, nobody else was able to grab it.

Thanks to an Anon person for finalling letting me to have it.
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