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Linkin Park


United States - Los Angeles, CA
HiFi Hollywood Studio

Version: "Lockout" Rehearsal
3.43 min
475 MB
Marc Ostrick (Ostrick Productions)
Marc Ostrick

01.A Place For My Head (Demo) - Cut
02.Interview with the band
03.Outside the studio.

Lockout was a web series created for in 1999, where they featured with young artists giving everything they have as they make music and try to have their songs heard around the world. Lockout used to be filmed on a small studio located in Hollywood, CA and used to be a program with a unique opportunity that captures the raw experience of bands such as Hybrid Theory (later Linkin Park). They played around 6 songs on the live session, but the production wants around 30.000 USD for the whole performance, so there is no way of getting it unless you want to spent all that much money. .MOV file, shared by the taper.

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