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Linkin Park


United States - Hartford, CT
New England Dodge Music Center

73.53 min
Sony ECM-MS907 > XtremeMac Micromemo adapter > iPod
293 MB

01. One Step Closer
02. Lying From You
03. Somewhere I Belong
04. No More Sorrow
05. Papercut
06. Points Of Authority
07. Wake
08. Given Up
09. Don't Stay
10. From The Inside
11. Leave Out All The Rest
12. Numb
13. Pushing Me Away
14. Breaking The Habit
15. Shadow Of The Day
16. Crawling
17. In The End
18. Bleed It Out
19. The Little Things Give You Away
20. What I've Done
21. Faint

Incomplete. Strong distortion on the heavier songs. Taper left after 'Bleed It Out'. Also, there are some bad cuts where most songs are missing 2-3 seconds from the intro. It seems the show wasn't split correctly using an editing program, but instead with a script where track times are input to split songs. This almost always results in songs being split/tracked incorrectly, as is the case with this recording
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