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Linkin Park


United States - West Palm Beach, FL
Cruzan Amphitheatre

31.31 min
Church Audio STC-11 (omni) > iRiver H120
584 MB
Mark (Hahninator)

01. What I've Done
02. Faint
03. No More Sorrow
04. Wake
05. Given Up
06. Lying From You
07. Don't Stay
08. In Pieces
- Missing the rest of set.

"Lost my preamp to iRiver cable after previous show somehow. Recorded a little further back at venue for better sound; still sounds ok, just more bass than Charlotte. Incomplete - iRiver disk space error (this is a bug - I had plenty of space) on 'Somewhere I Belong' intro. Rest of show unfortunately missing. Also recorded Chris Cornells's set up until the end of 'Hunger Strike'. Chris's set sounds worse since I was kicked out of my seat during his performance and was forced to sit in the back until Linkin Park". - Taper
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