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Grey Daze


United States - Scottsdale, AZ
Thunder & Lightning Bar & Grill

21.38 min
Unknown Equipament
37,2 MB

01. Painted
02. The Endless Highway
03. Starting To Fly
04. My Bluest Day
05. Wake Me
06. What's In The Eye
07. How Would You Be

Obtained from Jonathan Krause by LPLive and released on July, 2015. At the beginning of recording, you can hear crowd noise before "Painted", then a glitch takes you right to the middle of the song. 'Wake Me' is abrupted with glitches and the recording jumps to the ending of 'What's In The Eye?'. The ending of 'How Would You Be' is cut. The tracklist of this recording is believed to be the full setlist, but it is still possible that more songs were played.
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