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Linkin Park


United States - Atlanta, GA
Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre, 99X's Big Day Out

Version: Webcast
29.32 min
40,5 MB

01. Cure For The Itch (Missing)
02. Papercut (Cut)
03. Forgotten
04. Points Of Authority
05. With You
06. Runaway
07. And One
08. In The End
09. A Place For My Head
10. One Step Closer

'Papercut' cuts in halfway through, so 'Cure For The Itch' and the first part of 'Papercut' are missing. The recording is not that great. You can hear Chester clearly, but Mike is barely audible. This was rumored to have been an audience recording for years but we believe this was some sort of webcast.
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