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Linkin Park


France - Paris
118 @ Warner Music France, Virgin Radio Private Showcase

Version: Featuring Waxx
3.11 min
Ultra HDTV
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01. Heavy (Piano Version; w/ Waxx)

After the event with fans, Linkin Park invited Waxx (French musician) to perform 'Heavy' with them. Waxx performed three different guitars and drums during the song. His YouTube upload says that everything came together for the performance in 48 hours. There was no audience for this performance. In an interview with linkinparkfr, Waxx said, "So, actually, Mike & Chester apparently watch so many things that happening on the web and they would have fallen on my channel. Their manager contacted YouTube who put them in touch with YouTube France. They must have thought that I was American, because I do not speak in my videos. YouTube then send me a mail on Saturday morning to announce me that they would be in France on Monday and that they would like to make a version of their latest single with me."

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