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Linkin Park


United States - Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Bowl, LP & Friends: Chester Bennington Celebration

222.01 min
Linkin Park YouTube Channel
19,3 GB
ALANiS (alanixrox69)

01. Robot Boy (Shortened Version)
02. Iridescent (w/ Jon Green)
03. Roads Untraveled (Live Debut) (w/ Jon Green)
04. Numb (Instrumental)
05. Shadow Of The Day (w/ Ryan Key & Jon Green)
06. Leave Out All The Rest (w/ Gavin Rossdale)
07. Somewhere I Belong (w/ Taka)
08. Castle Of Glass (w/ Dreamcar & Alanis Morissette)
09. Rest (Alanis Morissette & Michael Farrell)
10. Nobody Can Save Me (w/ Steven McKellar & Jon Green)
11. Battle Symphony (w/ Jon Green)
12. Sharp Edges w/ Ilsey Juber
13. Talking To Myself (w/ 'All Along The Watchtower'; w/ Ilsey Juber & Jon Green)
14. Heavy (w/ Kiiara & Julia Michaels)
15. One More Light
16. Looking For An Answer (Live Debut)
17. Waiting For The End (w/ Sydney Sierota & Steven McKellar)
18. Crawling (w/ Oli Sykes & Zedd)
19. Papercut (w/ Machine Gun Kelly & Jon Green)
20. One Step Closer (w/ Jonathan Davis, Ryan Shuck & Amir Derakh)
21. A Place For My Head (w/ Jeremy McKinnon)
22. Rebellion (w/ Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian & Frank Zummo)
23. The Catalyst (w/ Deryck Whibley, Frank Zummo & Jon Green)
24. I Miss You (w/ Blink-182)
25. What I've Done (w/ Blink-182)
26. In The End
27. Iridescent (w/ Jon Green)
28. New Divide (w/ Pre-Recorded Chester Performance)
29. A Light That Never Comes (w/ Steve Aoki, Bebe Rexha, Frank Zummo & Marc Vangool)
30. Burn It Down (w/ M. Shadows)
31. Faint (w/ M. Shadows & Synyster Gates)
32. Bleed It Out (w/ Everyone)

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Show Notes:
- 'Robot Boy' was played with only the intro vocals and the outro instrumental (including some of Chester's vocals on playback).
- 'The Messenger' was played with intro, verse 1, and chorus 2 only. It featured a full band electric arrangement.
- 'Iridescent' was performed from intro through chorus 2 only with the bridge/outro instrumental serving as a recurring theme.
- The bridge instrumental of 'Roads Untraveled' was used as the song's intro. It was performed without the last chorus.
- Jon Green from The Bonfires played keyboards and did backing vocals on 'The Messenger / Iridescent' and 'Roads Untraveled' from the shadows.
- On 'Numb', the entire stage was darkened except for a spotlight on an empty mic stand at the front. The band played an instrumental version of the song with the crowd singing all the words and Mike doing occasional backing vocals. Brad's guitar was out of tune.
- Mike played bass and Phoenix, Brad and Jon Green played guitars on 'Shadow Of The Day'. The song featured new guitar parts and was played with an extended intro, no first guitar solo and no third chorus.
- Ryan Key from Yellowcard joined the band on vocals for 'Shadow Of The Day'. Jon Green also did backing vocals.
- The band played the intro, verse 1, chorus 3 and outro of U2's 'With Or Without You' before playing an additional chorus of 'Shadow Of The Day'.
- Gavin Rossdale from Bush joined the band for 'Leave Out All The Rest'.
- Taka from One Ok Rock joined the band for 'Somewhere I Belong'.
- Adrian Young (drums), Tom Dumont (guitar) and Tony Kanal (bass) from Dreamcar and Alanis Morissette (vocals) joined Mike and Joe for 'Castle Of Glass'. Mike didn't play the second guitar like he did when the album version was played in the past. Alanis sang while reading the lyrics.
- A string quarted was present for 'Shadow Of The Day', 'Leave Out All The Rest', 'Somewhere I Belong' and 'Castle Of Glass'.
- After 'Castle Of Glass', Alanis performed one of her own songs, 'Rest', with Michael Farrell playing on Mike's keyboard.
- Steven McKellar from Civil Twilight and Jon Green from The Bonfires joined the band for 'Nobody Can Save Me'. The song had an extended guitar/vocal intro. Mike sang lead vocals during the first verse and chorus and Steven sang lead vocals on the rest of the song. Jon Green played guitar and sang backing vocals.
- Joe messed up the intro to 'Battle Symphony' which prompted Mike to restart the song saying "Chester wouldn't have this shit." Jon Green from The Bonfires joined the band on vocals and guitar for the song.
- Ilsey Juber joined the band for 'Sharp Edges' and 'Talking To Myself'. She sang a portion of Bob Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower'.
- Kiiara and Julia Michaels joined the band for 'Heavy'.
- Mike sang all the vocals on 'One More Light' by himself. After that, he debuted a brand new song he wrote 8 days after Chester died called 'Looking For An Answer'.
- Mike sang the first verse of 'Waiting For The End' on piano only then restarted the song rapping verse 3 of 'Until It Breaks' over the usual extended intro. He messed up the piano intro.
- Sydney Sierota from Echosmith and Steven McKellar from Civil Twilight joined the band for 'Waiting For The End'.
- The band was joined by Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon on vocals and Zedd on drums for 'Crawling'.
- The intro of 'Crawling' was messed up and during the lead-in to second the chorus, Zedd started to go into the chorus too soon. Oliver Sykes almost followed him, but both corrected themselves.
- The band was joined by Machine Gun Kelly on vocals and Jon Green on keyboards and backing vocals for 'Papercut'. Some of Chester's studio vocals were on playback during the bridge and outro.
- The band was joined by Jonathan Davis from Korn on vocals and Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh from Julien-K on guitars for 'One Step Closer'. Jonathan messed up the lyrics on the second verse.
- Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember joined the band for 'A Place For My Head'. The song was performed with an extended guitar intro and a pause before the first verse. Brad's guitar wasn't distorted for most of the first verse.
- Daron Malakian and Shavo Odadjian from System Of A Down and Frank Zummo from Sum 41 joined Mike and Joe for 'Rebellion'. Mike didn't play guitar like he has on this song in the past. His guitar part was on playback as well as some of Chester's studio vocals. Daron's guitar was out of tune.
- The band was joined by Deryck Whibley and Frank Zummo from Sum 41 on vocals and drums respectively and Jon Green on Mike's keyboard for 'The Catalyst'. Frank Zummo didn't play on the whole song, just the bridge and outro (Rob was still playing as well). Deryck messed up the lyrics a few times throughout the song. Mike mentioned he joined the line-up a day before the show.
- After 'The Catalyst', Blink-182 came out and played 'I Miss You' with an extended outro.
- Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba and Travis Barker joined Mike, Brad and Joe for 'What I've Done'. After the bridge, the rest of the song was played in a faster tempo.
- Mike asked the crowd to sing Chester's parts on 'In The End'.
- The encore was opened with the part of 'Iridescent' that wasn't played during the beginning of the show (bridge and final chorus). Jon Green came out to the front of the stage while playing guitar on the song.
- On 'New Divide', the band played along to a live video featuring Chester's vocal track of the song from their 2014 performance at the Hollywood Bowl.
- Steve Aoki, Bebe Rexha and Frank Zummo joined Mike and Joe for 'A Light That Never Comes'. Mike's guitar tech, Marc Vangool, played guitar on the song.
- M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold joined the band for 'Burn It Down'.
- M. Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold joined the band for 'Faint'. Synyster Gates played a guitar solo during the outro.
- The majority of the guests from throughout the night joined the band on stage for 'Bleed It Out', a lot of them with microphones. Jon Green played keyboards and both Synyster Gates and Brad played guitar. Graham Sierota from Echosmith jumped up on Rob's drum kit and started playing drums while Rob was also still playing.
- After the bridge, 'Bleed It Out' transformed into a reprise of 'The Messenger' culminating in a singalong to end the show. Frank Zummo played drums during this portion while Rob and Graham continued playing on the other drum kit.
- Ryan Key, Taka, Gavin Rossdale, Deryck Whibley, Steve Aoki, Sydney Sierota, Oliver Sykes, Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck, Machine Gun Kelly, Steven McKellar, DJ Z-Trip and Noah Sierota were the other guests on stage for the final song.
- Steve Aoki's remix of 'One More Light' was used as house music while the crowd was leaving.

- This is the first time that the album version of 'Roads Untraveled' was performed live.
- 'Looking For An Answer' was performed live for the first time.
- The mashup of 'Iridescent' and 'The Messenger' was played live for the first time.

Other Notes:
- "Linkin Park announce a special show in honor of Chester. The one-night-only celebration will take place in Los Angeles at the legendary Hollywood Bowl on Friday, October 27, 2017. The band will be joined by a number of other artists, for an unforgettable night of music to honor the man that touched the lives of so many around the world."
- The full title of the event is "Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington."
- System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan was originally announced as a guest for the show, but didn't end up performing.
- Joe came out during DJ Z-Trip's set and started filming 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' (Jay-Z) and 'Closer' (Nine Inch Nails) for his Instagram story. Z-Trip gave him a shoutout. His entire set was uploaded to Mixcloud a few days after the show.
- Clips taken from LPTV, LPU-TV and Frat Party At The Pankake Festival were shown throughout the show.
- Before 'I Miss You', videos of U2, Metallica, Jared and Shannon Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars, Duff McKagan, Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, and Paul McCartney talking about Chester were shown.
- After the encore break, Talinda Bennington read a speech thanking everyone who made the night possible.
- After Talinda's speech, Chester's speech to the victims of the Manchester bombing was shown. The moment was taken from his final show which took place in Birmingham on July 6th.
- During the live stream, a pre-recorded vocal track was played over 'Crawling' making it seem like Oli Sykes was lip syncing, but the track wasn't played at the actual show.
- This was the first performance of the album version of 'Crawling' since Mexico 2015 and the first performance of the album version of 'Castle Of Glass' since the Concert For The Philippines in 2014.

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