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Mike Shinoda


United States - New York City, NY
Gramercy Theatre, 'Post Traumatic' Release Show

Version: Center/Crowd Angle
72.14 min
FULL HD Master
iPhone X
11.8 GB

01. Welcome
02. Place To Start
03. Watching As I Fall
04. Castle Of Glass
05. When They Come For Me
06. Hands Held High
07. Kenji
08. Roads Untraveled
09. Ghosts
10. Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go (Missing)
11. Sorry For Now
12. Crossing A Line
13. In The End
14. About You
15. Over Again/Papercut Mashup
16. Make It Up As I Go
17. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out (Missing)
18. I.O.U
19. Remember The Name
20. Running From My Shadow

Missing 'Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go' and 'Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out' (the latter was livestreamed on the LPLive Twitter). Full source uploaded to YouTube the night of the show.

Usually I do not collect .mov files, but with the evolution of technology, FULLHD concerts are being recorded with PHONES! Yeah. Worth saving shows taped from good angles and rares moments..

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