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Linkin Park


United States - Los Angeles, CA
Griffith Observatory, MTV VMA

Version: Internal Tape
26.00 min
DVD Master
Internal Tape
5,50 GB
Internal Tape

01. The Catalyst (Rehearsal; Short Version) (Not aired)
02. Bleed It Out (Drone camera) (Not aired)
03. Soundcheck (Crawling Acapella) (Not aired)
04. The Catalyst (FULL)
05. Soudcheck 2 (Not aired)
06. New Divide (FULL) (Not aired)

Raw footage from that day, including band rehearsal, soundcheck and speech not aired. Only The Catalyst was shown on TV.

This tape is protected under an agreement between me and someone else! So it definitely can't be shared.

Screenshots or samples are not allowed for this tape.
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