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Linkin Park


United States - Chicago, IL
House of Blues

Version: Barricade + Balcony
37.12 min
DVD Master
MiniDV: Unknown Canon
2,37 GB
Brad (xxmrk0rnxx)

01. With You (Barricade Angle)
02. Runaway (Barricade Angle)
03. Papercut (Barricade Angle)
04. By Myself (Chester mosh on the pit) (Barricade Angle)
05. Points Of Authority (Missing)
06. High Voltage (Incomplete) (Left Balcony Angle)
07. Pushing Me Away (Left Balcony Angle)
08. And One (Left Balcony Angle)
09. In The End (Left Balcony Angle)
10. A Place For My Head (Incomplete) (Right Balcony Angle)
11. Forgotten (beginning cut) (Right Balcony Angle)
12. One Step Closer (Right Balcony Angle)

Includes last 3 songs of Taproot on same disc. There are some cut ins between some songs due taper changing his position 3 times.

Tape change during APFMH to beginning of Forgotten as well.

OBS - Length of 37mins includes only LP's set.

Includes some band members of Street Soldiers Tour sending a message to fans (Terry [Alien Ant Farm], Jarrod [Taproot], Mike [LP], Chester [LP])

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